Quick Fix


Hamelin is a well-known brand, and its products – Oxford exercise books and Elba files –  are familiar to many. The group is still owned and run by the family today. Established in 1864 by Ernest Hamelin, it is now in the hands of his great grandson, Stéphane and has become a European leader in its field, recompensed in 2017 with the BFM Export Performance Award.

The group’s largest site, housing both its headquarters and main production pole, is situated in Hérouville Saint-Clair, near Caen in Normandy. An extension to its premises was undertaken in 2016-2017 by architects Dupont Nicolay Rattier, an agency specialising in commercial and industrial architectural design. Hamelin’s business culture is rooted in both quiet equanimity and clearly voiced professionalism, so first-rate working conditions were a top priority. This led the group to call on Texaa®. ‘We made some compelling aesthetic choices for areas of the new building’ Eric Joan, the CEO, explains. ‘But the hard flooring and lack of dropped ceiling made the whole very echoing.’ As building work drew to a close, the clients and architects called on Texaa®’s expertise to enhance the acoustic performance of the whole. A number of visits were held on site, and after fruitful discussion with the client, the decision was taken to install a series of Abso objects adapted to those areas requiring acoustic treatment.

This choice was determined by the Abso range’s astonishing capacity to absorb sound waves, its enticing shapes and colours, lightweight workability and the ease and speed with which it may be fitted in a building, even at the point of completion. Sound absorbing cushions and totems were suspended and positioned in the relaxation areas and meeting rooms, in efficient combination and perfect harmony with the overall architectural design. Texaa was recommended to us for the quality of its products, and we have not been disappointed’ said Eric Joan, some six months later. ‘The solution provided is in perfect keeping with the aesthetics of our site and works really well.’



5 rooms were treated

Objects from the Abso range implemented: 24 totems with stainless steel stands, 8 Abso squares 1250 x 1250, 4 Abso cushions 1800 x 1250

Client: Hamelin Group

Photos : © Philippe Delval