Breathing Ceiling Strato

Our new Strato range offers a number of efficient solutions for dealing with the complex questions posed by ceiling design in buildings today. How may their acoustic comfort be improved? How may room be found to freely position cables and network ducts? How may disparate technical installations be brought into visual harmony without amputating the given volume, and how may such unsightly elements be concealed while still maintaining access to the plenum? etc.
Born from Texaa®’s expertise in the  eld of transparent textiles and acoustic object solutions, Strato provides a coherent, innovative system which may be used to build ceilings of varying configurations to suit a wide range of spaces.
Strato is composed of modules which may be fitted together in combination or made to measure to offer effective interior design solutions or enhance the
acoustic comfort of any given space.

Product only available in United Kingdom, Germany, United States and France.

Technical information

Strato  floating ceilings are designed from two components used in combination – absorbers and  filters.

Absorber panels are composed of:
– an aluzinc steel frame®
– a layer of grey AN alveolar foam
– a grey or black microporous membrane – a sound transparent fabric cover with
Round Knit Aeria (MR) on one side

Filter panels are composed of:
– an aluzinc steel frame®
– a sound transparent fabric cover with
Large Round Knit Aeria (GMR) on one side

European reaction to fire classification for complete product
– Absorber panels: B-s2, d0 – equivalent Class 0
No flaming droplets or particles

– Filter panels: B-s1, d0 – equivalent Class 0
No flaming droplets or particles

Environmental characteristics

HQE : FDES (EN 15804) – Environmental and Health declaration forms certified by AFNOR

LEED / BREEAM, 4 points for:
– acoustic contribution
– very low emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde
– certified Environmental and Health Product Declaration Forms (EN 15804)

Performance indicators for Aeria
Hydro-oleophobic ≥ 5 (AATCC118 and and AATCC193) Antistatic properties: 71010 Ω (EN1149-1)

Vacuum cleaning, machine washable cover

Guarantee for complete product
10 years

Colours of absorber panels
– Round Knit Aeria (MR) available in a range of 2 colours: Nacre and Gris brun
– Option 22 colours

Colours offilter panels
– Large Round Knit Aeria (GMR) available in a range of 2 colours: Nacre and Gris brun

Frequencies (Hz) 125 250 500 1 000 2 000 4 000
ɑSabine - hanging in a cluster 300 mm from the ceiling ɑw classe NRC
100% absorber panels 0.23 0.76 0.97 1.13 1.12 1.11 1 A 1
75% absorber–25%filter panels 0,80 B
50% absorber–50%filter panels 0.60 C
25% absorber–75%filter panels 0.40 D
100 % filter panels 0.01 0.04 0.07 0.15 0.33 0.26 0.15 (H) E 0.15

Test reports available on request – Norm NF EN 20354 / ISO 354
Inserting light fittings into the panel may affect acoustic performance – please contact us for further details

Fittings method

◻ Suspended from vertical cables, joined together
Each Strato panel is suspended horizontally from the ceiling by means of 4 galvanized steel vertical cables (diameter 1.8 mm, length 1,000 mm), equipped with threaded end-pieces (M6) and adjustable hooks. The panels are assembled using brackets. Configuration to be specified in a sketch.

◻ Option: access hatch

◻ Optional space for integrated light fittings (only for absorber panels)
The light fitting must be positioned within the grey zone, as shown below

Dimensions / weight

Size Weight
Absorber Filter
599 x 1199 x 55 mm 5.5 kg 3.5 kg
599 x 2399 x 55 mm 9.6 kg 5.2 kg
1199 x 1199 x 55 mm 8 kg 4.4 kg
1199 x 2399 x 55 mm 14.4 kg 6.3 kg

Production time
5 weeks

Professionals to be consulted
General fitters and carpenters

Case studies