Custom-made solutions and optional extras 

Our first customers are specifiers, acoustic designers and architects. More and more often, their professions lead them to seek solutions for hitherto unmet challenges. We try our best to support them with our teams, our production facilities and our innovation skills. Our knowledge grows, thanks to them. Our production is therefore organised to encompass real flexibility without threatening the reliability that is expected of our products. We have always adapted our colours, meshes, assemblies, shapes and installation techniques to meet special needs and will continue to do so.

Embroidery brings a sophisticated, highly tactile touch to custom-made solutions in response to both utilitarian and decorative requirements. Used as part of a signage system or to complement a specific interior design, the embroidery delicately underscores the textile nature of the acoustic material used. This option is available only for Vibrasto 03 and Stereo panels.
Technical specifications available on request.

Black & White II
Architect and artist Philippe Jacques has designed 4 evocatively sensitive and ethereal motifs. They may be used in creative combination with the colours in the Aeria* range, in eloquent dialogue with the geometric volume of a given space. The 4 motifs in Black & White II: Éclats, Jungle, Envols and Boucles, available only for Vibrasto 03 and one-sided Stereo panels.

Integrated light fittings
Spaces for integrated light fittings may be made-to-measure in our workshops to accommodate the vast majority of light fittings on the market. The Aeria* cover used on Stereo panels is removable, thereby greatly facilitating maintenance operations.

Integrated maintenance traps
A 600 x 600 mm Stereo panel is inserted into a larger panel providing access to the plenum in “connected” installations.