Freestanding Abso totems

Abso totems are an effective means of organising open spaces and portioning off quiet zones. They are particularly useful in large halls, corridors or meeting rooms. The whole range is inventively decorative and immediately operational.

Available in a range of 22 colours (Except in Violet Profond MR560)

Technical information

Specifications for Abso totems

A high level of acoustic absorption is provided by Texaa®, Abso totems, which comprise:
– grey AP cellular foam
– a removable and machine washable fabric cover of sound transparent Aeria
– a stand, available in either a brushed stainless steel or white lacquer finish
Each totem stands on the floor.

Reaction to fire classification
Europe C-s3, d0 – complete object
UK equivalent Class 1 – complete object USA Class A – complete object
France M1 non dripping for Aeria fabric cover and sound absorber

Performance indicators for Aeria
Hydro / Oleo-phobic ≥ 5 (AATCC118 and AATCC193)
Antistatic properties: 7 1010 Ω (EN1149-1)

Available in a range of 22 colours

  • For a totem measuring 2 000 x 380 x 380 mm

Equivalent absorption area of an object A (m²) – spacing: 1 700 mm

Frequencies (Hz) 125 250 500 1 000 2 000 4 000
2 000 x 380 x 380 mm totem 1.51 2.81 3.14 3.27 2.99 3.09
Test reports available on request – Norm NF EN 20354 / ISO 354

Fitting Methods

NB: When humidity levels are very low, crease lines sometimes appear in the fabric cover. This can be easily remedied by smoothing the surplus fabric down into the stand.

◻ Brushed stainless steel stand
◻ White lacquer stand

Dimensions / weight / acoustic performance [specify]

Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Equivalent absorption area of an
object A (m²) at medium frequencies
2 000 x 380 x 380 totem 7.35 3.22
of which container (depth: 58 mm) 3.60 -

Production time
6 weeks

Professionals to be consulted
General fitters