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The Creativity and Learning Hub is a place for meeting up and exchanging, and offers students the possibility of working alone in quiet isolation or as part of a group in one of the glazed rooms designed for this purpose, inviting them to engage in discussion and debate or try out a video game. ‘We paid particular attention to lighting and sound, so commonly overlooked, so that those using this space can rub shoulders without getting in each other’s way,’ a lecturer involved in the project explains.

Our professional relationship with the EM Lyon and Octopus Studio goes way back and we are used to working with the interior designers who lead their makeover projects,’ Guillaume Prina, Texaa®’s project manager for the Lyon region explains. ‘The latter are perfectly familiar with Texaa® products and for this particular renovation project we worked together on the acoustic blueprint, relative to how each individual space was to be used.

In the central foyer, open over two levels and with a ceiling some 7 metres high, we were able to hang large sound absorbing objects – Abso totems, in this case,’ he continues. ‘And we could do so without cluttering the space by positioning the totems strategically within the volume at different heights. In fact, the totems contribute to the space’s characterisation, from both the visual and acoustic point of view.’

The acoustic design was completed where necessary by the addition of Abso ceiling pads inserted directly into the dropped ceilings, notably in smaller, closed spaces, together with Stereo panels, hung from the ceiling or screwed to the walls or ceiling of the corridors, and Vibrasto 03, stretched and anchored across the walls of the work rooms and glazed rooms. Each acoustic product played on assorted colours from our Aeria textile range: kiwi green, cement and mustard for the totems, bright orange, cement, coral, deep purple, grege, pacific blue, brown grey and sky grey for the ceiling pads and panels.


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Hanging Abso Totems, Abso ceiling pads, Stereo panels, ‘stretch and anchor’ Vibrasto 03.

Creativity and Learning Hub, EMLyon, France, 2014
Client: EMLyon Business School
Architect: Octopus Studio, interior design

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Photos Erick Saillet.